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Add a Technical Support element to your business. We can manage your internal and client tech requirements.

As a silent partner in your business we provide direct and indirect client planning, development and support for your business, allowing you to take on larger clients and expand your sales offering. 

Extend your business offering

Add technical expertise to your business

Employing people for technical roles in your business can be very expensive and beyond the reach of many smaller businesses.

For organisations who require technical support at different points throughout the year but don’t want to be contracted we can help.

For B2B businesses and private sales and marketing teams we can extend your offering to provide a range of first class technical support skills that can be white labelled to your own brand.

Whether you require website hosting, website development, network or project planning, social media and online marketing strategies we can help.

You decide how involved you want us to be. We can exist in the background or lead the technical aspects of your projects communicating with your clients as part of your own business.

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To be a good company you have a requirement to be socially responsible.

This can be a challenge that exists outside your day-to-day trading, sales and marketing activities and one that is often never prioritised.

Our CSR Network brings the two aspects together and connects you with unique and socially responsible projects, people and causes. Through tailored sales and marketing offerings we can help you reach new customers and create a positive conversation around your business.

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